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Caribbean Luxury at its Best

Can you think of anything more romantic and luxurious than kicking back and relaxing with a cocktail in hand, perhaps in your very own Caribbean beach house, watching the sun set before you, and thinking back over a day de-stressing in the sun? There are few situations which fit that description! This is something which most of us think about ... Read More »

Do You Have a City Bucket List?


Most people have a list in their heads of the kind of cities they want to visit before their days are over. Some popular choices are Barcelona, London, Milan, Rome, New York, Sydney, etc. Do you think much about other options? Ones which are further away? If not, it’s time to think about it! China is a country which is ... Read More »

How Air Pollution Impacts Your Health

  Infographics by Citrix. Read More »

Why Las Vegas is a Riot … In the Best Possible Way


Some destinations on this planet have a vision before reality – for instance, when you think of their name, a picture pops up in your head of how you envisage it to be, whether you have been there or not; Las Vegas is one of those places. If you have never been to this desert oasis of madness, say the ... Read More »

Operation Broadway


A visit to New York is an amazing thing regardless of what you spend your time doing. Maybe you want to shop ‘til you drop, maybe you want to sightsee, maybe you simply want to wander around in awe, looking upwards at the soaring skyscrapers, perhaps you want to sip cocktails like Carrie Bradshaw; whatever you choose to do during ... Read More »

Best Spots for Singles to Holiday

Photo Credit: Bram & Vera via photopin cc

Once you’ve established yourself as the globe-trotting digital nomad you are, the world literally is wide open. You can work from any beach, any chalet, or any vineyard you want but still — everyone needs to go on vacation every once in a while. A time to unplug and enjoy the sights and really soak in the freedom you’ve created ... Read More »

Workout Tips for Travellers

Photo Credit: Louish Pixel via photopin cc

Working out and staying fit as you globetrot the world can be difficult. One of the biggest factors in success vs failure in any aspect of life is having a routine. When you’re traveling and moving around constantly, it’s very difficult to have a routine. You have no regular gym to go to, no typical hours in which you’re available ... Read More »

Where are All the Deals At?

Photo Credit: Destination car park via photopin (license)

If you’re not quite so up on finding bargain holidays, you might be wondering where everyone else manages to find theirs. You’ll hear them on the bus, you’ll see comments on Facebook, you’ll hear them at work, all talking about the total bargain they managed to grab last minute, or that free child place they stumbled upon, making their holiday ... Read More »