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Best Spots for Singles to Holiday

Once you’ve established yourself as the globe-trotting digital nomad you are, the world literally is wide open. You can work from any beach, any chalet, or any vineyard you want but still — everyone needs to go on vacation every once in a while. A time to unplug and enjoy the sights and really soak in the freedom you’ve created for yourself. Here are the best vacation spots for all you single digital nomads out there.


Ireland offers something for everyone. Social butterflies can find all the conversation they desire in local pubs where both locals and fellow travellers alike will be enjoying a pint of Guinness. If you’re looking for a respite from city life, Ireland is also famous for its lush countryside. You can sit on a cliff overlooking the ocean, letting the wind blow all your stress and concern away.


What makes Thailand such a great singles holiday option is that there are so many other singles doing the exact same thing. Thailand is a hotspot for digital nomads and vacationers looking for some sun and adventure. Thailand is also extremely cheap for Western standards. It is also a safe country, which is always a concern for solo female travelers. Between jungle treks and island hopping, you might find yourself never wanting to leave.


While certainly not as budget friendly as Thailand, Iceland offers outdoor adventures and otherworldly scenery that will satisfy any single vacationer. In the nation’s capital of Reykjavik, you’ll find theatres, museums, restaurants, shopping outlets, and world famous nightlife to spend your days and nights soaking in the culture. Heading out of the capital, there are a number of guided tours which will help you connect with fellow travelers who are all enjoying the same experiences you are.


If you’re a solo vacationer looking for some spirituality, spas, massages, yoga, beaches, and organic eateries, then Bali is the place for you. Not only can you get all the relaxation and soul-searching you desire, but there are many guesthouses that are popular amongst solo travelers on holiday where you can mingle and find like-minded people.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown makes the list for two very important reasons: 1. It’s natural beauty, being tucked in between the Remarkable Mountain range and Lake Wakatipu and 2. Being the adventure capital of the world. From bungee jumping to sky diving to horseback riding, adventure and natural beauty seekers alike will find what they’re looking for this small town on New Zealand’s South Island.

Grand Circle, Southwest USA

The Grand Circle is a section of the United States that spans five different states and is loaded with national parks and scenic surroundings. You’ll be able to visit wonders such as the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park. You can rent a car and drive through the canyons and red rocks that define the American West. You can even hire a tour guide and connect with other travelers on Grand Circle’s website.

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