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Botswana’s Top Okavango Safari Experiences

Photo Credit: cottonM via photopin cc

Photo Credit: cottonM via photopin cc

The Okavango Delta in Botswana has long been known as one of the top game viewing destinations in all of Africa, and we’re not really surprised. Thanks to a very clever policy by the government when safaris here first became popular, no area has become too overcrowded with camps so your game viewing is always incredibly exclusive and private. This in turn means the wildlife viewing is better as the game is very intense in most areas. It is a vast tract of land and when staying at one of the luxury safari camps there you will never cross the same territory twice. Botswana is also famous for having a vast range of options when it comes to how you choose to take your safari – here we outline our top five Okavango Delta experiences:

Boat safaris: Boat safaris happen across the gin clear channels of the Okavango, but our favourite definitely happens at Chobe Chilwero: set up for 18 guests boat safaris at Chobe Chilwero are amazing! The new safari boat has a lower and upper deck featuring 360 degree swivel seats. The upper deck provides a great view of the Chobe River and wildlife in it while the lower deck offers a bar with delicious breakfast or lunch. It is the perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Walking safaris: the best walking safaris in Botswana happen at Selinda, which is set in 320,000 acres of Private Reserve allowing guest to explore the wilderness on foot. Here the game is abundant and the freedom to explore unrivalled, with some of the best walking safari guides in Africa on hand. Nothing can compare to walking with big game.

Elephant back safaris: the ideal location to take elephant-back safaris is undoubtedly the Okavango, as it hosts the largest population of elephants in the world. You will experience elephant back safaris as well as activities where you physically interact with the herd, discuss elephant care and conservation with the local researches, all while learning about the elephant behavior.

Sleeping out under the stars: The Okavango Delta has little or no light pollution which makes the star gazing here unbelievable, often with clear views of the Okavango Delta. Many of the luxury safari camps and lodges have fantastic star beds which offer the most comfortable night out in the wilderness you will ever have.

Mobile camping: Uncharted Africa safaris offer a large range of mobile camping tailored to your wishes and you can choose from the Moremi Game Reserve and Okavango area, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Kalahari Bushmen Safaris, Rock art of Tsodio Hills and Nxai pan. All of these providing great fun and excitement within the wilderness and all of it is completely private, just you and your family or friends. We strongly believe that mobile safaris are the best way of seeing the Okavango – you can get any level of luxury or wildness to suit every budget, and you have an expert private guide, private chef and fully staffed camp just for you. Nothing can compare to having a completely private campsite in the bush.

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