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Caribbean Luxury at its Best


Can you think of anything more romantic and luxurious than kicking back and relaxing with a cocktail in hand, perhaps in your very own Caribbean beach house, watching the sun set before you, and thinking back over a day de-stressing in the sun? There are few situations which fit that description!

This is something which most of us think about at some point, but how many of you have actually made a move to make it a reality? It’s more accessible these days than you might think!

Once upon a time, the Caribbean used to be a destination which was only for the rich and affluent, because costs were super-high, and taking the suitable length of time off work was something which just wasn’t possible. Thankfully, that has all changed, and now prices are much longer, and flights are much more direct than they have ever been before. This means that more and more of us are able to experience the luxury and paradise of the Caribbean, without breaking the bank or risking our job in the process!

Of course, there are many ways to explore the Caribbean, whether you want to base yourself on one island, hop around a few on your own steam, or perhaps head off on a cruise and experience a few within the space of one holiday. You could even consider a land and island break, with a few days in the USA, before venturing off to an island or two. These types of twin centre, or even more, types of breaks are becoming more and more popular, as we become more adventurous with our travel needs.

The Caribbean has always been synonymous with weddings, honeymoons and luxury breaks, and the backdrop really does provide the ideal location for this type of holiday. Wedding photos are simply divine with the impossible blue of the sea and the white sand as the backdrop, and honeymooners will enjoy the huge variety of attractions on offer, which can be enjoyed together as newlyweds. Of course, it’s not all about lovey-dovey action, as singles, groups, and families, will find more than enough to do and enjoy, no matter what island they choose to visit. It’s definitely worthwhile checking out activities on offer on each island before you narrow down your choice however, as each is subtly different than the others.

For instance, the Dominican Republic is well known for its green landscapes and outdoor activities, so anyone who enjoys getting out into nature and really exploring, perhaps zip-lining through the rainforest, will definitely enjoy this particular island. On the flipside, anyone who wants to learn about history and culture will find Cuba, and Havana in particular, the ideal choice. Here there are museums, galleries, architecture, and a party on every corner to boot, which will really show you all you need to know and learn about Cuban culture. The history is also very interesting, so be sure to pay extra attention if this is something you’re particularly wanting to know about.

Jamaica has long been a Caribbean favourite, and this is a definite must visit for fans of Bob Marley, reggae, and anyone who loves rum! The friendly vibe of the island seeps into every single day, and not only will you enjoy the feel of the place, but the beaches are something else too! Can you imagine the scenery before you every single day you wake up? You probably won’t want to come home!

Visiting the Caribbean is certainly something that you should aim for at least once in your life, and there has never been a better time! Remember to check out visa issues for your particular country of origin, just in case you need to apply ahead of time. Most countries will certainly require six months validity left on their passport after the day they return home from their particular island, so make sure that you have enough time left, and if not, renew your passport early, to avoid problems or disappointment.

If you are visiting as part of a twin centre break, pulling the USA into your time away, then you will need to apply for a visa for that particular country too. For most, this is an online process, but for some this will be a more formal process, so again, check out your particular guidelines ahead of time, to avoid any problems. Visa requirements vary from country or origin to country of origin, so simply head online and check out your consulate website for up to date and accurate information.

Luxury comes as standard with any visit to the Caribbean, whether you choose to stay in a top class establishment or somewhere more budget. Why? Because the scenery makes it impossible for your break to be anything but wonderful, and that in itself is luxury! Of course, if you want pampering then choosing a high class hotel or villa is something you should be looking into, and shopping around will help you find the best deals. If you’re a honeymooner then this is even more important, to make your break even more memorable than it would have been otherwise!

Do your research into your island of choice – there are many to choose from! Once you have narrowed down your choice, check out what you can do there and be sure to explore to the max. These paradise islands deserve your total attention!


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