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Digital Nomad Hotspots

Digital nomads, as the name suggests, are people who make their living in online and thus have the freedom to nomadically roam the earth while conducting their business in the digital space. The growing population of these people who have seemingly cracked the secret to life has led to a few places jumping out as hot spots in the past few years. There are a few criteria that come into play when deciding where to live while you grow your company:

  1. Cost of living. Many digital nomads are trying to launch startups that aren’t raking in the big bucks yet. As such, a place that won’t break the bank is key.
  2. Internet speed. You can’t be digital in an analog world, after all.
  3. Weather and natural beauty. What’s the point of all that freedom is you don’t take advantage of it? The world is filled with beautiful places and digital nomads are finding the best of them.
  4. A community of like minded individuals. While escaping the office is a huge attraction of becoming a digital nomad, the comradery and social interaction of coworkers can often be missed. As such, having access to coworking spaces is an advantage.

With those considerations in mind, here are a few prime spots not to be missed by digital nomads:

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Cheap cost of living? Check — living on less than $1,000 USD a month is a piece of cake. Natural beauty abounds in aces with a myriad of waterfalls, temples, and jungle treks in close proximity. Like minded individuals? Big check — Chiang Mai probably has the biggest population of digital nomads anywhere in the world and a handful of coworking spaces throughout the city. Add in easy access to Western amenities such as fast internet, western food options, and modern hospitals, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Ubud, Bali

Like Chiang Mai, Ubud benefits from great weather year round and is surrounded by natural beauty, but with even easier access to the beach than Chiang Mai. Cost of living is also very low in Bali, at only around a couple hundred dollars more than Chiang Mai. Internet speed is the biggest knock on Ubud as it’s pretty abysmal in most homes. You can pay for higher speeds with other companies, but it will cost you. The better alternative is to socialize and work from the coworking space where you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals and have all the fast internet you need.

Prague, Czech Republic

While it’s no tropical jungle, Prague offers old world charm, Western culture and amenities, close proximity to a myriad of European locals, all for a bargain in cost of living. While Europe might automatically jump out as being too expensive, the cost of living in Prague is just about the same as Bali. Sure, the weather is colder, but that has its charm as well. The internet speeds are great here, better than anywhere else on the list. Coworking spaces are available to mingle if you didn’t enough of that from the world famous nightlife of Prague.

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