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Enjoy the Wonder of Milan

Italy’s ‘other’ city


Whenever anyone mentions Italy, generally speaking, the first destination to come to the front of your mind will be Rome. That’s not to say that is incorrect, because Rome is a stunning city in its own right. However, if you ignore the rest of this wonderful country, you’re making a huge mistake. Coming very close behind Rome, you will find Milan, and in terms of fashion, culture, history, and sightseeing, there are few cities which can compete.

Of course, Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and the shopping opportunities reflect this. There are some seriously large designer names on offer here, and if you are wanting to splash the cash and enjoy the high-end retail therapy on offer, then you need to be heading to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Whilst this might sound like a museum, it’s a shopping mall within some gloriously beautiful architecture, dating back to the 1800s. Don’t worry if you’re not planning on spending cash like this however, as there are also High Street shopping opportunities on offer!

We know that the best way to experience any city is through the eyes of a local, and Milan is no different Withlocals offer placements with Italian families, allowing you dine in a traditional way, and giving you an insight into the wonderful family atmosphere of an Italian home. Everyone knows that the Italian way is very family-orientated, and experiencing this first hand is something very special indeed. Without a doubt, the best way to enjoy not only tourism in this wonderful city, but also see something truly authentic, is by either staying with a family, dining with a family, or having your own sightseeing guide in the form of a local.

On top of culture and shopping, Milan is known for its vibrant, sophisticated night-life, and this is something you should experience at least once during your visit. There are endless bars, clubs, and restaurants to check out across the city, and you should certainly be getting your fill of Italian food whilst you have the chance!

Milan is also famous for its architecture, and mostly for its large gothic cathedral. This is somewhere you have to visit, but like most large landmarks the world over, be sure to get there early, to avoid the queues. On top of this, Sforza Castle is a fantastic place to visit for history buffs, as well as Pinacoteca di Brera, where you can check out some wonderful pieces of Italian art.

Footballs fans need to be heading to the San Siro Stadium, the home of AC Milan, seating around 86,000 spectators. Even if you can’t get tickets for a match, make sure you enjoy the stadium tour, especially if you are a football fan in particular.

Whilst Rome might get the kudos when it comes to being the home of the old Roman Empire, Milan certainly packs a more modern punch, with still many windows to the past firmly open for history fans to enjoy. Fashion fans need to have this entry on their visit history too. Take your visit one step further and visit through the eyes of a local.

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