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Five Fitness Nuts You Should Be Following on Facbook

People who live and work online are accustomed to doing everything online, including getting their fitness advice. Luckily, there are several very credible and knowledge fitness nuts out there to follow. Here are the top 5 fitness nuts you can follow on Facebook.

Daryl Conant

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DarylConantTheFitnessNut

The self-proclaimed “Fitness Nut” himself, Conant has been bodybuilding since he was a teenager. His single most important piece of advice is perfect for busy individuals making their living online: “The biggest key is you’ve got to keep your workouts short — no longer than 30 minutes. It’s going to be high-intensity but not super high,” Conant says. Conant is the author of InVINCEable, a thick training manual that has an accompanying DVD series. He also posts a “Fit Tip of the Day” about every other day on his Facebook page.

Alan Aragon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alan.aragon.796?fref=ts

Aragon’s work as been featured on sites such as Men’s Health, WannaBeBig, and LiveStrong. He works as a nutrition and training coach to professional athletes, and has over 20 years of experience as a fitness professional. His Facebook posts include his personal thoughts on diets and exercise plans, some of which are controversial, as well as inspirational videos of others. He is never shy about debunking health myths and misinformation that spread like wildfire across the internet. His monthly newsletter, The Alan Aragon Research Review, is one of the most accurate, critical, and relevant sources on the latest health and fitness research.

Alwyn Cosgrove

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlwynCosgroveFanPage

Along with his wife, Rachel Cosgrove, Alwyn runs the Results Fitness Gym, which has been voted twice in the Top Ten Gyms in America by Men’s Health. He has a strong martial arts background and is the author of the book, “New Rules of Lifting.” He posts on his Facebook page almost every day and has recently started hosting “Facebook speed coaching” in which he fields live questions from his followers about health and fitness advice.

Dr. John Berardi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/john.berardi.page

Earlier this year, Berardi got a shout out from Aragon on Facebook in which he said: “Precision Nutrition (Berardi’s company) has some really good, smart people on staff. I’ve watched their material increasingly get better. John has personally contacted me and asked me to critique his work… this speaks volumes about where he’s at in terms of integrity, and it further demonstrates why he’s so successful.” Indeed, Precision Nutrition is the world’s largest online nutrition company and Berardi himself has been recognized as one of the top exercise nutrition experts in the world. His Facebook activity is very regular and includes a lot of great recipes for healthy living as well as links podcasts and articles he’s involved in.

Ross Enamait

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rosstraining

The reason Enamait will be so appealing to those who work from home — wherever that might be — much of the time is because he’s big into creating your home gym with “Do-It-Yourself-Equipment.” His book, “Never Gymless,” is all about finding the right equipment and exercises you never thought existed. His homemade equipment archived in his site contains calisthenics, tires, hammers, office equipment, even stuff you can see in your own backyard. His Facebook posts are primarily inspirational messages, videos, and quotes to help his followers stay motivated.

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