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Holidays for Your Hobbies  

Summer is sadly drawing to a close, but that isn’t to say that you can’t still enjoy trips to other countries. As nice as it is, sometimes vacations on the beach involving sun and sea can get a little dull, and so many people want so much more. If you’re itching to get out and explore, why not bring the things you love to the place you love? There’s a lot to be said for holidays involving your hobbies – you can escape, but you don’t have to miss the things you love most!


Whether music for you means DJs in a club or rocking out in a muddy field, you can enjoy an entirely new musical experience when you take it to a new country. There are so many different festivals around the world for you to get involved with, so you can always try something a little new compared to whatever you might have seen before.


Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

Of course, places like Ibiza also have the world’s most incredible DJs entertaining thousands of lucky revellers every summer, so why not join them?


There are so many sports you can get involved with abroad that it’s difficult to even know where to start. From abseiling down the world’s most breath-taking mountains to surfing in California or Australia, you can be a real daredevil if it takes your fancy. However, if you want play it safe with a sport you already know, anything from a game of beach volleyball to an American Soccer Camp can be where it’s at. You’re bound to make new friends, and if the ones you already have get jealous you can always pay for them to come over using your wages from the camp (yep, you can get paid if you coach kids!).


Photo Credit: wrightbrosfan

Failing that, direct them to a bit of international football betting so they still keep up to date on your world. Who knows? Someday it might be you who they’re betting on if you stay away long enough!


Hate the grime of the festivals and don’t like breaking out in a sweat with sport? You’re in luck, the world has several fashion hotspots and fashion capitals. From London Fashion Week, to Milan, Paris and New York, there are so many trips you could take that would be a fashionistas dream! Just rock up looking super glam and you can be part of the action. Sure, you might not get into the front row, but you can soak up the atmosphere, shop, and get some real inspiration. You might even spot your style icons! Of course failing everything else, you can always have some fun outside and pretend to be ‘someone’ to get noticed. This girl did, proving it’s all about exuding confidence when it comes to fashion (and not taking yourself too seriously)!

So, the world is your oyster, and your world doesn’t need to stop just because you go out and explore it. Where will you go on your next adventure?

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