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Kids and Berlin Go Together like Cookies and Milk  

Photo Credit: Robert Agthe via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Robert Agthe via photopin cc

Going on holiday with kids can mean one of two things, a fantastic vacation or something to never attempt again. Here 4 things that will make your vacation in Berlin great and your kids happy.

Bicycle, bicycle

There is no better way to see a beautiful city like Berlin than on a bicycle. You can easily rent a few anywhere in the city. Your kids will love riding from one exciting destination to the other as there are bike paths and lanes all over the city. Plus, they will be getting a little fun exercise without even realising it.

Yoli Frozen Yogurt

Kids and adults alike love frozen yogurt and Yoli Frozen Yogurt is a great place to visit. There are fresh customizable toppings, clean and funky décor – there are jars filled with candy lining the walls – and even elephant shaped seats for the kids. They also sell waffles and fresh frozen yogurt smoothies – with up to 3 choices of toppings – so there’s a little bit for everyone.


Open every day from 10am – 7pm, Kinderwirtschaf is a great place for parents and kids. The playroom consists of a 25 square meter climbing maze for those 2 to 6 years old. For the tiny kids, there’s a crawling room where regular crawling and nursing groups are held and is equipped with a colourful ball pool. Let’s not forget the fact that Kinderwirtschaf also has a restaurant so you can enjoy delicious food while the kids play.

Volkspark Friedrichshain

This 160 year old park is a great place for families to enjoy. With rolling lawns, a pond, wading pool and fantasy themed playgrounds, everyone can enjoy the outdoors. There are even beer gardens, a restaurant and an outdoor cinema.

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