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Digital Nomad Hotspots

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Digital nomads, as the name suggests, are people who make their living in online and thus have the freedom to nomadically roam the earth while conducting their business in the digital space. The growing population of these people who have seemingly cracked the secret to life has led to a few places jumping out as hot spots in the past ... Read More »

5 Top Travel Applications


The advent of technology has made it easier than ever to travel, as you get to know about a place and pre-plan your travel arrangements better, not to mention the discounts you get on flights, hotels, car rentals, local sightseeing and more. In fact, research shows that more than 45 percent of travellers use a travel app or website to ... Read More »

Where to Travel for a Digital Detox

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Making a living online has great perks — you have the freedom to live wherever you want, you can set your own hours and schedule, and if you run an online business, your income is passive much of the time. Even with these many freedoms, or perhaps especially because of them, everyone needs some time to unplug every once in ... Read More »

Bolivia: Best Spots for Nature & Wildlife


Nature lovers seeking some incredible wildlife watching need look no further than Bolivia. In the heart of South America, Bolivia is one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet with thousands of species of birds, animals and fish. Within its wildlife refuges and conservation parks, can be found 40% of all animal and plant life in the entire world. ... Read More »

Three Must See Places when Visiting South Africa


South Africa is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations out there, with its picturesque landscapes, diverse cultures, utopian-like beaches and romantic sunset safaris where you’ll be able to spot the big five, there is no denying that it seems almost impossible to see everything that South Africa has to offer during a single vacation. To make your lives easier, ... Read More »

Four Cheap Spots for Early Retirement

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How great does the idea of an early retirement sound? Beating the system and claiming your freedom is something anyone can do. While most of the Western world has a cost of living that’s too high to make this realistic for most people, there are still so many other places in this world of ours that are beautiful, welcoming, and ... Read More »

Enjoy the Wonder of Milan


Italy’s ‘other’ city Whenever anyone mentions Italy, generally speaking, the first destination to come to the front of your mind will be Rome. That’s not to say that is incorrect, because Rome is a stunning city in its own right. However, if you ignore the rest of this wonderful country, you’re making a huge mistake. Coming very close behind Rome, ... Read More »

Botswana’s Top Okavango Safari Experiences

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The Okavango Delta in Botswana has long been known as one of the top game viewing destinations in all of Africa, and we’re not really surprised. Thanks to a very clever policy by the government when safaris here first became popular, no area has become too overcrowded with camps so your game viewing is always incredibly exclusive and private. This ... Read More »