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Top Food Bloggers to Follow

If you’re on Pinterest, no doubt you’ve noticed the plethora of recipes being shared. The sheer number of food bloggers today is astounding, and while that’s good in a lot of ways, it also makes it harder to find the really good ones. That’s where we come in. Use this is a helpful starting point to finding the best of the best food bloggers. Their recipes range from easy family meals to methodical inquisitie cooking.

Food Babe

Vani Hari is the Food Babe. Her blog breaks down the ingredients in some of our everyday food and drinks. She exposes the ugly truth behind a lot of the foods we eat and promotes healthier alternatives. In addition to her investigations, she also has a number of healthy recipes and advice on how to be a health conscious eater while traveling.

The Banana Girl

For those looking to try an extreme diet, follow the Banana Girl. Her diet? At least 95% of her daily calories come from fruit with 5% from greens, nuts, and seeds. Her raw, vegan, and fruit-filled blog is loud and in your face. She is also the author of the book, “Go Fruit Yourself!”

Iowa Girl Eats

Kristin Porter is a midwestern girl better known as Iowa Girl Eats. Her blog is chalked full of delicious food with healthy twists. Her recipes are family-pleasers — classics that your kids and grandkids will grow up knowing and loving. While her recipes are health conscious, she doesn’t shy away from “junk food” either. Most of her recent recipes are gluten free now as she made the switch for health reasons.

Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes creator, Beth Moncel’s slogan says it all: “My stomach is full, and my wallet is too.” Her site focuses on harty, quality meals on a budget. Her recipes are simple and quick — easy enough for even the most timid cook. Even better, if you screw up and the food tastes horrible, you didn’t break the bank doing it. Moncel is also the author of the same named book, “Budget Bytes: Over 100 Easy, Delicious Recipes to Slash Your Grocery Bill in Half.” This blog is perfect for young professionals who don’t have endless amounts of disposable cash to eat out all the time or buy expensive home-cooked meals, but who also don’t want to continuing eating spaghetti and cereal every night.

David Lebovitz

Lebovitz’s same titled blog is a great resource for inquisitive cooks. He lives and writes from Paris, so his recipes are very French and very delicious. He is also the author of seven books and has been featured in outlets such as Bon Appétit, Food+Wine, Newsweek, Travel and Leisure, The New York Times, People, and USA Today. Before moving to Paris, he was pegged as a Top Five Pastry Chef in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Chronicle.

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