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Where are All the Deals At?

If you’re not quite so up on finding bargain holidays, you might be wondering where everyone else manages to find theirs. You’ll hear them on the bus, you’ll see comments on Facebook, you’ll hear them at work, all talking about the total bargain they managed to grab last minute, or that free child place they stumbled upon, making their holiday super cheap.

You might begin to wonder if you’re seriously missing out.

Well, put simply, yes you are!

There are bargain holidays to be had out there, and it’s really a case of searching, being in the right place at the right time, and being flexible with your needs. It can be done, and you can easily join that seemingly exclusive club of holiday bargain seekers!

Here’s how to find that deal and lower the cost of your overall holiday plan.

Don’t forget your extras

Extras are things that you add onto your travel plans that not only make your travel days less stressful, but also save you money. Take airport parking for instance, if you book a train or coach and there are several of you travelling, you’re paying x number times, depending on how many of you there are, but if you drive, you pay once, split the cost, and you save a mountain of stress to boot. I regularly use Gatwick parking South Terminal when I head off to the sun, and I’d highly recommend you get on board with this idea. The great news is that you can find parking facilities at most large airports, so nobody misses out.

Flexibility is key

It’s the unwritten rule of travel that weekend flights cost more, so try and look for mid-week flights if you’re able to. Night flights are often cheaper than day time, and you could always look for where the cheapest flights are departing from, and maybe mix it up a little in terms of airport. Combine this with the driving and parking up idea and you’ll have no problems, plus a much more stress-free start to your travel.

Book DIY

Package holidays are sometimes more expensive than if you book all parts of your holiday separately. If the thought of this brings you out in a cold sweat, don’t worry, because you’ll find online companies who will put together your own bespoke package, taking advantage of the various different deals you find on flights, transfers and accommodation. Try Travel Republic or Sunshine for example. Having said that, booking your holiday in a DIY fashion isn’t difficult, it just takes a bit more time, so don’t be afraid to have a go.

The early bird

There’s an argument that if you book last minute you save money, but this isn’t always the case. In terms of family travel, the earlier you book, the cheaper you will find it because those free child places that seem like gold dust are allocated on a first come, first served basis, and everyone wants them! Booking earlier also gives you more time to save up.

Shop around

You wouldn’t buy a large household item without first shopping around for the best deal, and the same can be said for holidays. You might find you manage to shave a little off the cost of your accommodation by booking with a different company, or flying with a different airline, so grab your laptop, grab a cup of coffee, and get searching.

Look at your board basis

There’s no denying that families save money whilst in resort when booking all inclusive, but if there are a lot of you traveling, maybe a group or two families travelling together, why not look at the villa option. This is something that can seriously lowering the cost of your stay, because you generally pay per villa, not per person. You’ve probably seen this idea attached to Florida holidays quite a lot in the past, but you can do it virtually anywhere.

As you can see, grabbing a deal and saving money on your holiday is all about being a little sneaky, and doing a lot of research. If you can do that, you’ll be in that select group who grabbed a holiday bargain – no initiation required!

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