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Where to Travel for a Digital Detox

Photo Credit: conner395 via photopin cc

Photo Credit: conner395 via photopin cc

Making a living online has great perks — you have the freedom to live wherever you want, you can set your own hours and schedule, and if you run an online business, your income is passive much of the time. Even with these many freedoms, or perhaps especially because of them, everyone needs some time to unplug every once in a while. A time to step away from that laptop, turn off your phone, and just enjoy your surroundings. Here are a few of the best digital detox destinations.

Scottish Highlands

Much of the Scottish Highlands aren’t well connected to cell towers or decent broadband. Already an ideal destination for it’s history and lush scenery, Scotland now offers those looking for a little time away from all things digital a perfect getaway. No emailing, no social media, just soaking in your beautiful surroundings and reminding yourself why you chose the digital life in the first place.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

This chain of islands in the Caribbean offers digital detox packages at many of its resorts. One such package: A 7-night getaway with 3 nights at Young Island and 4 nights at Palm Island, a private crewed catamaran day transfer, and a guidebook on how to “de-tech.” Including roundtrip airfare between New York, this detox comes in at $3,799 per person.

Camp Grounded — Anderson Valley, California

Branded as “Summer Camp for Adults,” Camp Grounded has a new age hippie feel to it — a not too surprising companion to the digital detox movement. One of the best parts about Camp Grounded is the amount of organized activities they offer to campers. Offerings include: creative writing, archery, dance classes, talent shows, yoga, painting, hiking, rock climbing, stargazing, survival skills, and candle making. Camp Grounded is actually located in Camp Navarro, which is situated in 80 acres of towering Redwoods tucked away in the stunning Anderson Valley wine country.

Savute Elephant Camp — Botswana, Africa

You won’t find cell phone towers, television, or wifi here either — and you won’t need it. This hotel is located right next to a watering hole that attracts an abundance of amazing animals on a daily basis, most notably, the bull elephant. You’ll stay in ultra-lux thatched huts which are set amongst towering acacia trees in a rugged, semi-desert environment. Let the wildlife amaze you and help you forget all about the W-word.

Oasis Surf Camp — Santa Catalina, Panama

This secluded town is definitely a slice of paradise. There is only one public pay phone and zero ATMs, credit card machines, cell phone shops or high-speed internet anywhere within town. Forgetting about all of that will be easy at the Oasis Surf Camp where you can walk right out onto the sand from your beach-side bungalows, grab a board and spend all day on the waves, either independently or with an instructor.

Photo Credit: conner395 via photopin cc

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