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Why Las Vegas is a Riot … In the Best Possible Way

6760645869_9eec4df48c_bSome destinations on this planet have a vision before reality – for instance, when you think of their name, a picture pops up in your head of how you envisage it to be, whether you have been there or not; Las Vegas is one of those places.

If you have never been to this desert oasis of madness, say the word out loud and see what picture appears in your head. It will probably be the endless neon lights, the chinking noise of casino slot machines, and probably a bit of Elvis Presley thrown in for good measure. Put simply, Las Vegas is somewhere we have all been in our heads, whether reality fits in with that picture or not.

Many people head to Vegas for a break from the norm, escapism if you will, and that is certainly what this desert city gives you. Of course, there are many fantastic attractions to enjoy, including those iconic Vegas shows. In order to sidestep the potential pitfall of booking fake show tickets, be sure to always head to an official Box Office, or a reputable website, such as BestofVegas.com. Saving your cash and avoiding ticket touts is always a plus point!

When you head back to the airport at the end of your action packed break in the desert, you will probably be slightly bleary eyed, dazed, and possibly in need of another holiday to recover, but it will certainly be a break that you remember for fantastic reasons.

Put simply, not a lot about Vegas is real, because it is all a mirage in the most realistic of ways – the hotels are designed to transport you to somewhere else in the world entirely, e.g. Paris, Ancient Greece, or Ancient Egypt, casinos beg you to dream of winning big, and shows are also there to take your entertainment levels into the stratosphere, and we’re not taking about the Stratosphere Tower either (seriously, you need to head to the top of it, the view is AMAZING).

This man-made city, right in the middle of the desert, is surrounded by miles of nothingness, but that is probably what makes it so downright amazing – you can head away from it all, forget all your cares and worries, and be surrounded by nothing but desert as you laugh, drink, entertain yourself, and perhaps even gamble for a few days.

If you need a break from reality, Vegas really is Disney World for adults!

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